Instance difficulty:

Test cases:
Name Human difficulty Fapanosss difficulty Solution time Description
Boring 0 0s Complete board -- sanity check.
Easy 56.54 0.11s Solvable using pure logic.
Hard 68.2 0.131s Mostly logic, some brute force.
Hard 82.03 0.329s A hard puzzle from here
Hard 83.47 0.08s No freebies, must brute force from the start.
Hard 89.98 0.107s An alternate version of Al Escargot, somewhat easier.
Very hard 92.25 3.37s Looks about as hard as it gets.
Inhuman 96.01 45.7s Another hard one. Thanks to Tarek on the forum
Inhuman 96.92 100.1s Supposedly hardest Sudoku possible.


Fapanosss v2.0