Mayank Lahiri

I am currently a software architect at Oracle in San Francisco. You've reached my ancient academic homepage. Here's my LinkedIn profile. And here's my Google Scholar profile.

Prior to Oracle, I was a senior software engineer at Amazon Web Services (AWS) in San Francisco, where I was working on a secret, unlaunched "special project" that has still not publicly launched. This project was called "Special Projects". Unfortunately, that's all I can disclose about it.

Prior to Amazon, I was the founder of a startup called Iceroad, making a serverless cloud platform called Baresoil. The code has since succumbed to bit rot.

Prior to Iceroad, I was a software engineer at Google, working out of San Francisco, California. I was part of the Index Quantitative team, which had an open mandate to analyze various Google Search index and indexing mechanisms, and attempt to improve them in various ways. This included things like the Web graph, Pagerank and other signals, indexing, and crawl scheduling.

Prior to Google, I was a research scientist at Facebook in Menlo Park, California. I worked on the Page Insights team, building a system for analytics on Facebook Pages, and then on the Location and Events team, working on data analysis and building various backend systems for an early prototype of Facebook's GPS-based Nearby Friends feature.

Prior to Facebook, I received my Ph.D. in May 2011 from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where I worked with Professor Tanya Y. Berger-Wolf in the Computational Population Biology Laboratory, part of the Computer Science department. You can find my thesis here, and on Amazon, where it is has been categorized under "Agricultural Sciences" for some reason unknown to me, clearly a lonely outlier in some large, popularity-driven data mining process. Update: (2018): my thesis has now been moved to the "Engineering & Transportation" section and its title changed to "This is not available 022038", further cementing its home deep in the long tail.

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