Ph.D. Thesis Page

Measuring and mining dynamic networks

Mayank Lahiri
Advised by Prof. Tanya Y. Berger-Wolf

Defense: April 15th, 2011. 2pm - 4pm CST.
Location: ERF 2032 (EVL lab, 842 W. Taylor St)

My thesis is available in two formats:


UIC Graduate College official style: oversized margins, double spaced, all official notices. Microfilm-ready, tree-unfriendly.

PDF: 246 pages, 2.5 MB


Small margins, one-half line spacing, broken up by chapter. No introductory material or official notices. PDF format.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Measuring Graphical Properties Over Time
Chapter 3: Measuring and Mining Periodicity
Chapter 4: Mining Coupled Edges
Chapter 5: Conclusion


Prof. Tanya Y. Berger-Wolf (chair)
Prof. Barbara Di Eugenio
Prof. Bing Liu
Prof. Gyorgy Turan
Prof. Christos Faloutsos